Not all prison photography need reinforce negative terms like inmate, convict, prisoner. These individuals are in the re-entry process from prison - returning citizens, committing to a new life after their time has been served. Dedicated staff and volunteers are also photographed throughout. Organisations like Harlem Justice Corps, Circles of Support, NetworkSSI, the Center for Court Innovation, Hudson Link, The Moth radio program and even DOCCS realize the need for a successful re-entry to reduce recidivism.  A pop up studio can be set up at any location from inside Sing Sing to a church basement in Harlem to capture a reunited family - No photoshop required.  Like any corporate shoot on Wall Street - complete with lights, a team of assistants, lucite furniture, seamless back drop, etc all to produce a professional portraiture experience and an immediate printed 5x7 picture placed in a card stock frame. Welcome Home.