ANGELA JAMES is a photographer based in New York City and London, UK. She both teaches classes and works freelance.

She provides returning citizens from prison with the experience of a professional photo shoot and a free printed head shot to be used for employment and in support of their new life going forward. She works in collaboration with several agencies that support people returning from incarceration.  She travels the state of NY photographing men in prison participating in a father/child reunion program called "Celebrate Your Children". Additional NY Dept of Corrections prison projects include Men Who Crochet, Parole Summits, College Graduation, etc.  

Her other freelance work ranges from headshots, event photography, architectural and interior design, family portraiture and fine art photography.

Angela completed course work at the London School of Photography and the International Center for Photography in New York. The workshops she teaches include:

Beginning and Advanced Digital Photography        Portraiture
Composition & Elements of Design                          Shooting your African Safari
Night Shoots                                                               Bespoke one to one tutorial

To contact Angela, please send an e-mail to