Workshop Series 


Introduction to D-SLR Photography for Beginners

Still got the cellophane on your camera manual? Has your expensive D-SLR only been used on Auto? Taken a class that was so technical and fast paced, you can't recall the info? Or do you already have a great camera, but just need a little help figuring out where to start?

These hands on workshops demystify all the buttons, dials and menus and help you see how terrific your D-SLR camera and lens really are and what a great photographer you can be. The workshop starts with a “Camera Bootcamp/ Equipment review” session where we start to learn vocabulary and definitions of photography, take lots of sample photos and begin to unpack the different features of your camera and lens. There will be many ‘eureka moments’. You’ll leave the Bootcamp with confidence and perhaps a small shopping list of what you’ll need for the 3 remaining workshops. 

Workshop topics include Manual Mode, Shutter Speed and Aperture. The workshop format includes a presentation, hands on practice, a field trip and homework. Our small group setting is informative, fun and supportive. It’s technical enough to get by but focused on the type of real world photos you’ll be taking. Interesting homework reinforces what you just learned and won’t take more then 45 minutes. Students upload homework online for review.

This workshop also includes a term project to photograph all 26 letters of the Alphabet within nature, architecture and every day objects. You’ll start viewing your day to day environment in a whole new light. You can see examples of the alphabet game from my portfolio on my blog! 

You’ve already invested so much money in equipment - it’s time now to invest in yourself!


Composition- Elements of Design

This workshop is intended for the photographer who is comfortable with the camera but would like to add more interest to their shots. Learn the basic building blocks of Line, Texture, Color, Shape, etc and see samples of the principles of Composition such as Aspect Ratio, Subject, Balance, Focus, and Rule of Thirds, etc. In this 2 session classroom-style format, we’ll review a wide range of samples and techniques. Participants complete a sheet of ‘Composition Bingo’ and challenge themselves to seek out and photograph the ‘Elements of Design’ within their own neighbourhood. Take your photos from good to great. 



Always getting stuck taking the family group shot? Tired of seeing photos that look like a ‘police line up’? Have you been in situations where you would have loved to capture that group shot, but not felt confident about how to get it together? 

This 1 session workshop introduces fresh group poses, the use of props, the benefits of a tripod, lighting basics and more. Gain confidence to take charge of the group, even if it is your own family - after all, you’re the one with the camera. 


Camera Kit 101

Been lugging that heavy camera bag around for years and not really sure what all your gear does? Thinking about getting a new D-SLR camera but you’re overwhelmed with what’s out there in the market place? Tired of seeing your spouse’s expensive camera sitting there collecting dust not being used? 

In this one on one session, we’ll unpack your gear, assess your inventory and talk about your goals and comfort level with technology. Together, we’ll take a trip to the camera store to sample a range of equipment and give you some options of price, features and brands. It’s your decision on whether to choose to make a purchase or not. Session includes Kit review, on line research and trip to B and H Photo. 

It’s not too late to start your New Year’s Resolution to get more use out of that camera!


Night Shoot

The city takes on a whole new atmosphere at night. After a brief session learning about tripods, long exposures and low light settings, we're off exploring this great city. We'll walk to a number of different venues and practice a variety of creative techniques. A tripod and zoom lens are both requirements.  Weather conditions may require rescheduling.  This one time session lasts approximately 3 hours.  Dress for comfort and be ready to have some fun.


Preparing for and Photographing your African Safari

A safari is a 'once in a lifetime' experience so take the time NOW to plan your gear and photo strategy because you won't find a Best Buy or B&H in the bush! In this one-time session, learn from someone who has photographed safari overcoming challenges of dust, zoom lens rental, photo storage/back up, and viewing animals as portrait subjects. Learn techniques for game drive shoots, tripod use, composition, essential gear and equipment, so you can bring back memories to last a lifetime.  Optional trip to Bronx Zoo for an additional fee.


One on One Tutorial

Is your schedule too hectic to commit to a series of workshops? Do you prefer a one to one format of instruction? With bespoke tuition, the instruction comes to you.  Choose from any of the available workshops or focus on a specific topic of interest to you. 3 hour minimum.